Remarkable Facts About The History Of Portable Storage Sheds

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  • 05 March 2019
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What Are Storage Sheds?
Thousands of people use self-storage, whether it be for storing personal belongings, de-cluttering your household, or to just keep things neat and orderly. These handy structures have been around since AD 1, fulfilling a variety of needs. One question that always seems to arise is, “Where did storage units come from?” Well, let’s go back to where it all started.

Where It All Began…
Storage sheds have been a big part of history, providing shelter and storage for many centuries. There is evidence of humans who lived in cased using smaller caves or alcoves for storage sheds. The Anasazi, ancestors of modern-day Pueblo Indians, lived from AD1 to AD 1300, occupying cliff-side and man-made caves. From there, Egyptians began to dig underground bunkers lined with reeds for storing grain, Europeans used the bones, tusks, and skin of mammoths to construct their sheds. And even to this very day, Eskimos use ice and snow for their form of storage sheds, igloos. Throughout history, storage units were used to store items that were vital to survival.

Archaeological Findings
Thanks to many archaeological finds, we can take a deeper look into the way people lived and used their storage sheds in ancient times. Food, religious practices, and artifacts have told the story for many people. Two digs, both executed in Italy, have found the huts were used for furniture-making and religious practices. One dig found organic matter that was identified as olive, grape, willow, poplar, and maple wood. This revealed to us that the owner of the shed was utilizing it to produce furniture for wealthier customers. Another dig successfully found bronze tablets dating from 330-280 BC that were inscribed in Greek, showing measurements for a shed that was to be utilized for storing straw.

Sheds Back in Time
As time went on, people began to find new uses for storage buildings, and new materials to construct them with. They begin to find that the materials they were using, such as mammoth bones and wood, were deteriorating over time. The sheds that were once created to keep elements out and protect one’s valuables were now being utilized for comfort and a sign of wealth. During the 1700’s, wealthy Europeans began to build “follies” which resembled more of a luxurious shed. The first folly to be built, was the Rushton Lodge, constructed and owned by Thomas Tresham. Later during the 1880’s, people began to use them as “bathing machines”. They would build them with wheel to roll down the hill to the water’s edge then step in the water.

Storage Sheds of Today
While the materials used and the spelling of sheds have changed throughout history, the uses still remain much the same. However, today’s new-and-improved storage sheds are much more durable, sustainable, versatile, and portable. The materials we use to construct these structures provide them with additional strength to withstand harsh weather elements and the ever-changing seasons. Oh, and did we mention that you can easily relocate a modern storage shed? That’s right, custom portable buildings are now a popular consideration for customers in need of a new storage unit.

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